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Scientific Name

Atherosperma moschatum


Sassafras is found in well drained cool temperate rainforest and is usually located as an understorey species with Myrtle. Sassafras has a smooth, straight tapered trunk and can stand up to 45 metres tall and a metre in diameter, often covered in lichen.


Of all Tasmanian timber species Sassafras has the most varied colouring, pale cream to grey and golden tones. Black Heart Sassafras colour is distinctive dark brown, black with green streaks. A bacteria infection with a staining fungus causes the stain. The grain and texture is straight, even, uniformed and smooth. The bark and sap smell like cinnamon.


Sassafras is an evergreen tree typically with a conical crown. The leaves are dark green and turn yellow with age. They have a strong sarsaprilla scent.


Quality Furniture
Veneers or laminated board
Paneling, moulding and joinery