Best smelling shop in Australia Huon Pine for sale Huon Pine for sale Huon Pine for sale
Photograph credits: Rick Eaves
Tasmanian Special Timbers   Tasmanian Special Timbers

Buying Direct from Tasmanian Special Timbers

  • Large slabs of beautiful, glowing, figured Huon pine
  • A lucky-dip offcuts bin with most pieces priced at $0.50c
  • Blanks and squares dry and ready for immediate wood turning, in Huon pine, black-heart sassafrass, myrtle, King Billy pine, blackwood, celery-top pine
  • Huon pine boards cut in small and medium sizes - perfect for kitchen chopping boards - priced from as little as $3.00
  • Racks of sawn Huon pine and King Billy pine in a variety of sizes and lengths
  • Coffee-table sized slabs and pieces of Huon pine and other timbers
  • Photographs, maps and information on the trees and timber and the careful processes used to salvage and husband this precious resource.
You can find all of these things in our shop on the Strahan waterfront, at the 'carpark end' of the Strahan Woodworks building (just past the Visitor Centre).

The Direct Sales shop at Strahan is open daily!

Visitors and browsers welcome - we don't care if you buy; just come and enjoy the smell and marvel at the beautiful shapes and patterns. View the Direct Sales shop at Strahan contact details.