Tasmanian Special Timbers   Tasmanian Special Timbers


Using veneer is a wonderful way to produce a natural timber product that displays all the figure and grain of solid timber, but allows a valuable resource to be extended and to produce a competitively priced product.
Tasmanian Special Timbers considers that the expansion of the use of veneer can reduce the need for trees to be cut down thus helping to protect our limited resource.
We are a supplier of small quantities of extremely desirable and sought-after veneers. Our highly figurative veneers show contrast of colour, and are ideal for low-volume, high quality one-off items.
We provide any thickness of custom sawn and sliced veneers. We can accurately saw veneer from 2 mm pieces of timber. Thicker pieces can be sliced to 1 mm. Veneers are the way of the future to conserve a quality resource and allow all to enjoy the warmth and interest that timber brings to a room.